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    Fish finder help

    I'd like to update my fishfinder from the Humminbird helix 5 SI to a Lowrance as the Lowrance can connected and operate my Motoguide Xi5 electric motor. Another reason is I'd like to have two displays, one up the front of the boat and one at the back and from what I read I can connect a tablet or smartphone to a Lowrance. Now I'm left with a decissioin to either spend a bit more and get something like a HDS 7 Gen3 (please suggest what will do the things I need) or should I just get a second sounder like the Humminbird helix 5 and run two complete units and not worry about connectivity to the electric motor. What should I do, what would you do??

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    Re: Fish finder help

    i would sell the Humminbird. buy a Elite TI unit... and wifi to the front. and connect to your motor guide.

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    Re: Fish finder help

    Thanks for the reply, I've decied to get the HDS-7 gen 3 fitted up on Thursday and I'm thinking of just running the humminbird up front seems I already have it. I'll be able up upgrade it and network 2 lowrance units in the future. You don't think lowrance and the humminbird will clash at all and cause interference?

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