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    How much time do we give it - ?

    - before this Qantas crap/spill dissipates? I often fish in the risk zone (Bulimba through to Shorncliffe), and haven't been able to find any info on how long they reckon it'll take for it to disburse.

    Any thoughts?


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    Re: How much time do we give it - ?

    They probably don't know - hence no info. One would hope they will be testing water quality throughout the spill zone before just giving the all clear. Would also be interesting to see if they are intending testing fish and other seafood for contamination. I haven't looked into it as yet but would be interesting to see if the stuff metabolizes or whether it stays in fish etc like heavy metals do.
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    Re: How much time do we give it - ?

    Yeah, I dare say they do metabolise it if they're advising us not to eat them. Seemed to kill a few in the direct zone pretty quickly, too. They took their time telling people, too.


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