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    Lowrance units on a network

    Hi everyone,
    I'm running an elite 7ti networked to a motorguide xi5 which I'm stoked with. But, I was browsing through gumtree and saw a hds 5m. Got me thinking that would I be able to run that unit on the network in conjunction with the other two?
    my thought here is more screen for sonar on the elite

    thanks for any advice

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    Re: Lowrance units on a network

    Hi shappy
    Mate can't help with your question
    But how long have u had the motorguide Xi5
    And do u rate them
    I am trying too work out which one to go for I like the lift assist with the minn Kota ( bad back) but my new sounder is going to be lowrance Ti 9" which I would like to link to the mg

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    Re: Lowrance units on a network

    motorguide wins on price
    motorguide wins on connectivity to head unit
    minnkota wins on accuracy
    minnkota wins on build quality
    minnkota wins on features

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    Re: Lowrance units on a network

    Mate, had it for about three years and set the network/sounder up about six months ago.
    out of the box the battery indicator light was replaced, but that's about it. I find that the accuracy is spot on, I often fish canals and spot lock around pontoons and boats and not move at all. Linking up with the sounder has been the best thing yet. The first morning I used it, I drove over a school of fish, marked the school and kept driving away, killed the motor and dropped the electric, clicked go to the mark and the xi5 put me over the top of the school and first cast I hooked a fish. It's made life easier that's for sure!!

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    Re: Lowrance units on a network

    hi Moose
    Do you think that motorguide will be bring out lift assist any time soon to the xi5 ?

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    Re: Lowrance units on a network

    Thanks for the info

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    Re: Lowrance units on a network

    no i dont think so. Motorguide are selling plenty of units, and making good money off them, i dont think they will loose many price point customers to minnkota just yet.

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