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Thread: Sand Crabs

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    Sand Crabs

    Anyone getting any Sandies

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    Re: Sand Crabs

    Hi Bazza.

    I put 4 pots in along the edge of the Cockle Banks off Bribie at 10pm last night. Pulled them at 5 this morning for 24 legal crabs. Looks like there will be plenty around for Easter.



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    Re: Sand Crabs

    Thanks Jeff I really appreciate your info.


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    Re: Sand Crabs

    Quote Originally Posted by bazza65 View Post
    Anyone getting any Sandies
    Yeah they are around

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    Re: Sand Crabs

    Nothing at Clontarf today.

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    Re: Sand Crabs

    Just been listening to Browines coast watch report on 4KQ he said they are getting them around the sand hills at Moreton. I would love to get some myself but just can't get out.

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    Re: Sand Crabs

    Plenty in the bay, around Macleay and the smaller islands, i have been smashing them.

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