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    Re: Cycone mumblings

    Satnav you have been banging the wrong drum here since day 1. First trying to convince people "it wasn't that bad", and, in terms of cost and damage it actually is the biggest system every to hit the Qld coast, if not the entire country when the costs are finally established. Now you seem to want to be an expert of managing off shore resorts and evacuation procedures, and, again, you are wrong. Well thought out policies are in place with guests given options right up until lock down occurs. This was, bear in mind, on the advice of BOM and the experts, supposed to Hit Ayr and Townsville. We have had a direct hit by Cat 4 Uilu in 2010? and came through relatively unscathed, lost of a lot of unprepared boats and lost power for 2 days. This one was different. Still no power in much of the area on day 13, unprecedented damage to marine infrastructure, Hamilton Island and the fleet. Damage to daydream and Hayman not seen sine ADA in 1970, and, all this, from a cat 4 that was going to cross the coast some 100 ks north. No loss of life from any of the islands, or mainland area is testimony to good cyclone shelter planning, not the opposite. The islands can not be evacuated to the mainland. The majority of accommodation is in the red and orange zones and had been evacuated, few if any hire cars, buses out were full, so what would YOU do. Drop a couple of thousand people and tourists in transit in Airlie Beach and tell them to just tie themselves to a coconut tree and hang on tight?
    No doubt a major debrief will occur with all the relavent authorities and stake holders in the coming weeks and some things will be planned to do better, but, some things, like this cyclone, are just too much to actually plan for and better to be ready to react to. If we went in to "Debbie" mode, every time a cyclone was forecast to hit Townville or Ayr it would be economic suicide. Planning to make sure guests are safe, property is well prepared, staff are safe and being generally ready is usually sufficient and the industry can "usually" be back up and running within a few days. As I have said, this one, is different.

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    Re: Cycone mumblings

    1. Attitudes like that don't have a place in any tourist or service industry, customer service would be absolutely woeful

    Why aren't we blaming the individual idiots who walked onto the last ferry or refused to leave the island earlier?
    2. Flex you have absolutely no idea do you?

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    Re: Cycone mumblings

    1. Ultimately in time there will be a cost, at the moment anything is speculation

    2. The Whitsunday islands were evacuated during Yasi and that was a system south of Cairns, so yes it can be done to mimimize the consequences maybe the tourism industry has become a bit complacent, maybe too much wolf?

    3. There appears to be this over importance of getting back up and running, we are open for business syndrome at any cost. This approach will be at the detriment of the whole industry

    4. What I said was it could have been worse, much worse, you should be thankful it was not any worse and this was just another cyclone, nothing less nothing more but no doubt in time it may turn in another Marcia whitewash. The media hoo haa have many people believing they lived through a Cat 5 with Marcia, 295 km/h winds for 5 hours, what nonsense.

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    Re: Cycone mumblings

    Re 1) Marina's. Probably needs to be reiterated again that as far as Marina's go there are no absolute cyclone "safe haven" anywhere in the Qld cyclone belt. Anybody who thinks so it kidding themselves big time. One image that will always stick is Hinchinbrook with everything racked, stacked and piled neatly in one corner. Was this the marina "designed" by the villa people, the people who didn't think long tall piles were aesthetically pleasing to the eye as they looked out over their balconies. That extra few feet they found an eye sore may have (but not have) stopped the whole dam show popping clean off the top of the piles and landing in their chardonnay coolers. Cyclones and marina's are not the best of mates, oh that goes for roller doors to

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    Re: Cycone mumblings

    Again, in fact, your ignorance is showing. The issues at Port Hinchinbrook happened in front of the "yacht club". It happened because Keith didn't like the required height of the poles, impeding the views from the dining room, so the polls were cut down. All the damage from the storm surge, happened in front of the yacht club, which was where the charter fleet was moored. None of the polls attached to the rest of the marina, nor in front of the individuals properties, had any issues with the finger arms and pontoons rising up and lifting off the poles. None of the "villa people" had issues with poles, nor will a marina, even a less than perfect one, ever be worse than being stuck on a mooring or up a creek. Mouth, open, change feet, repeat. I am not usually inclined to call someone a FW, but you, old mate, are getting close. Just leave it alone and I promise people won't think any worse of you. Keep banging on about a subject you clearly no F all about and all you are doing is digging a deeper hole.....or maybe just trolling and I keep biting =(

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    Re: Cycone mumblings

    1. You have a right to your opinion kc, but if you don't want a discussion then don't keep replying

    2. So that would mean you agree there is no "safe haven" marina anywhere in the Qld cyclone belt and I am assuming you actually know what the term "safe haven" implies in the true sense of the word and that marina's even APM waiver the term "safe haven" as they simply can not guarantee such a condition

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    Re: Cycone mumblings

    Here we go again.
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    Re: Cycone mumblings

    dont feed the trolls.

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    Re: Cycone mumblings

    Quote Originally Posted by SatNav View Post
    1. Attitudes like that don't have a place in any tourist or service industry, customer service would be absolutely woeful

    2. Flex you have absolutely no idea do you?
    Really despise this type of reply. If i'm the one with no idea, then why comment with a question?... explanation would be better.

    I was due to take my family on a Holiday to Airlie/hamilton island when the cyclone was looking to hit Townsville belt. Approx a week before it struck.
    I cancelled the trip and re-booked. Even if the cyclone was hitting further north the weather would have been crap anyhow. Doesn't take much to check the weather..

    So tell me why the individuals on, or going on holidays were unable to do the same?.....

    I saw on the news a young lady and her mother flew up from Melbourne to airlie 3 days prior to the cyclone hitting and were whinging they got stuck with no food for 24hours.. media was clinging onto their sob story as they do, blaming the resort for not telling them. ridiculous.

    I meant c'mon.

    Satnav, you whinge at the individual more than anyone I've ever seen on a forum. Your always crapping on about people not being responsible in boats going offshore/not using radios/epirbs yada yada. So how is this situation any different?..

    Please enlighten me..

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    Re: Cycone mumblings

    Quote Originally Posted by SatNav View Post
    , tourist resorts continued to book in guests that arrived on the last ferry to leave the island and this is simply blatant ignorance, like what is wrong with the management of these places? y.
    You keep repeating this claim. Tell us where this happened. Please quote a source or link that we can verify.
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    Re: Cycone mumblings

    This one had all to do with Daydream and in all reality to be continually questioning the validity as if some don't/can't/won't believe it then maybe those coming from the area should look into it further themselves as obviously no amount of hand feeding will ever satisfy some. I am sure this particular one would be all over the Whitsundays?

    It is also interesting now that some Daydream staff and past management people have raised the same question/s re management actions, why was Daydream taking in guests at the 13th hour? Maybe the best answers (excuses) would come from Daydream management, ask them.

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    Re: Cycone mumblings

    OK, I'll bite - but I dont want to be 'hand fed' .

    So I did some research, and all of the info is contained here;

    it looks like the cyclone was expected to head north of daydream and then veered towards it. At that point the Harbourmaster made the call to close boat transfers. Surely he is in the best position to make that call and the resorts hands were tied? Then the navy and military got involved and took over evacuations, also the best people to be in charge of that issue.

    So I repeat my earlier question, which you avoided; "what do you think SHOULD have happened?"
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    Re: Cycone mumblings

    Gecko Trolls don't do "answers", just sh!t stir. It is their reason for living. None the less, another smackdown. One wonders when the guy will get sick of losing? Saw some BI insurance numbers and actual damage estimates from Hamilton Island today. FMD. Eye watering, but also an testimony to just what Hamilton Island has built in just 35 odd years!

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    Re: Cycone mumblings

    1. Bit of Daydream weaving or Daydream believing going on me thinks. Hey you found the excuses.

    2. But moving on from Daydream it's now becoming apparent that many of the Whitsunday aren't up to scratch but the excuses really have to stop, say did you know that South Molle is (sorry was) 1950 circa infrastructure, anyway something just not quite right with that one hey Well that's what the Whitsunday tourism representative reckons, saviour at any cost hey?

    3. Say kc how was business today?

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    Re: Cycone mumblings

    Is this going to be another one of those threads that goes on for ever before Kerry gets booted and the thread locked?
    Democracy: Simply a system that allows the 51% to steal from the other 49%.

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