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    NMEA - Navman 1240 to Furuno FCV628

    H - I have a Navman 1240 smart antenna - I want to connect it to my Furuno FCV 628 sounder , to get Lat and Long data on the Furuno . I have no idea which colour wires to connect , and does the Navman antenna need its own power supply ? Any help will be appreciated.

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    Re: NMEA - Navman 1240 to Furuno FCV628

    The 628 will only accept nmea 0183 data so your antenna needs to be able to output nmea 0183 data without any assistance from the furuno.

    I would suggest this is not capable with this antenna alone.

    Usually the GPS data is converted to NMEA 0183 signature sentences and then outputted to 2 wires to an NMEA 0183 network
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    Re: NMEA - Navman 1240 to Furuno FCV628

    The 1240 is a smart antenna that puts out NMEA0183 data - as such it should work and yes - it does need it's own power. The colour code however is something Navman/Navico did not make readily available. There is only one thread on a different forum that I found that had any info with a quick search

    I can't vouch for the correctness of the information but assuming it is correct, you will need to use the black, red and green wires from the Navman antenna cable. Black needs to be connected to both negative 12 volts and the data input negative of the Furuno(green), red to plus 12 volts via a low amperage fuse (2 amps tops) and the green to the Furuno data input positive(yellow).

    Also take into account this may or may not work - even when wired correctly. NMEA0183 sentence construction was not something all manufacturers totally adhered to standard on.
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    Re: NMEA - Navman 1240 to Furuno FCV628

    Thanks Gary

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    Re: NMEA - Navman 1240 to Furuno FCV628

    Thanks Scott - will give it a try tomorrow

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    Re: NMEA - Navman 1240 to Furuno FCV628

    SUCCESS !! - Thanks scottar ( and Garry as well )

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