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    What is difference between Garmin echo map and the striker range


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    Re: Garmin

    Ask Gary at Siver Service Marine, he is on here.
    Good service and excellent prices.

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    Re: Garmin

    consider the striker range a Fishfinder only "with a dab of tastey GPS cream on top"

    and consider the EchoMAP range a full on slice of cake

    in other words.

    the Striker range was put out to be a good fishfinder "shallow water" with the added benifit of having some gps functions ... pretty much all gps functions actually minus Mapping, nor can maps be added .. .so it will show you where you have been. wapoints. speed, position etc. but no detail on coastlines. sea floor. channel markers etc

    the EchoMAP chirp range.. comes preloaded with Aus/NZ Blue chart mapping.. with the ability to add vis the SD card slot a G2 vision 3d map card or a TOPO inland map card.. as well as utilize the "Quickdraw" DIY mapping feature Garmin provide.
    it also affords a few more sonar options such as Panoptix "both down and forward facing" and FrontVu sonar.

    the Echomap range also goes up to 9". and all models are packaged with a quick release bracket.

    the striker is the answer to the question "Hey mate, whats a good cheap fish finder "

    that being said.. the upper ranged Striker 7Sv comes packaged with the rather awesome shallow water transducer "gt52hw" .. which is a 450 odd dollar transducer.. not bad for a $750 odd dollar unit.

    so those with older garmins or other brand units... who looked at a GCV10 clear vu module and transducer.. would be better suited putting that cash towards a Striker 7SV... in my opinion/

    still. if you favor mapping.. go for the echomap


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    Re: Garmin

    Thankyou for the post Moose I was actually looking at one for a GPS purpose only because of the price.
    Looking at a Furuno 628 sounder and I want Garmin GPS trying to find a used 750or 750s but can't find one yet.


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    Re: Garmin

    I've got a 750 and will be upgrading soon but I wouldn't sell it as great for a back up unit....sorry bud

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    Re: Garmin

    Id be looking at the echomap 70s and 70DV units . They are a few generations old themselves now so have slid down on the cost scale
    They do however pocess a 10htz gps/glonass antenna, vs the 5hrts in 750 series and current gen . as well as touch and the use of current gen mapping tech

    Just a thought

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    Re: Garmin

    I've got the Garmin Echomap 75DV and love it. Sounder is excellent for what I want and the GPS is great

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    Re: Garmin

    Is the echomap range able to be connected to mercury smartcraft guages to show fuel data etc?
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    Re: Garmin

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