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    Re: Suzuki 150 owners.

    Not sure if it helps you... I get 40knts on my 555HC with the 150 yammie spinning 17p prop @ 6000.

    The hulls are amazing in chop man. I was outside the goldie today with 6 POBs and it handled the massive swells and wind perfectly for it's size.

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    Re: Suzuki 150 owners.

    Thanks Julian

    Yammie will be spinning a different ratio gearbox so this will affect the speed.


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    Re: Suzuki 150 owners.

    now Mr E ,
    Lets make the assumption for a moment that both the yammy and the suzy 150 are exactly 150 hp and your prop slip is the same as his ( 5% as it turns out at WOT), then with the same hull you should be able to match that speed ( in theory)
    You would of course need to spin a 21 p prop to 6000 rpm (He only has a 2.0:1 reduction gearbox.)
    So you want to be able to hit the limiter with the 19 tomorrow ( or Whenever) then try a bigger prop if you can.
    Max Revs, Thats it.

    ( of course if your slip is less then you beat him back to the ramp)

    In reality its the cruising grip and economy that"ll make you happy.


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