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Thread: Cyclone Debbie Blog

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    Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Have done this a couple of times over the years and it has been joined by other NQ ausfishers in the firing line.

    Makes for great reading compared to the fake news crap the MSM bang on with as they hope around like vultures looking for a photo op of any doom and gloom. Debbie is bearing down in an areas between Ayr and Airlie, with it looking like Bowen is in the crosshairs, 30 miles as the crow flies north of Airlie. The blog I did on Uilu and latter the Yasi blog where a bloke from Mission beach gave us amazing insight was really interesting, and I think this one will be too. Town has all rallied, having been caught with its pants down in 2010 with Uilu. Everyone seems pretty right, lots of gennies ready and fuelled up, everyone has cash, sandbags are all in place. The only one scared are the tourists and staff who all think they are going to die (they must have been watching the channel 9 news).

    So 7pm Sunday night in Airlie Beach. Fair bit of rain, wind gusting to 55 knots, marina in lock down and most businesses will not open tomorrow after about 2pm, including ours. Have already told staff to take the night off.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Sorry. Fake news. 45 knots. 78 k's . =)

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Here's hoping you all fair ok and it's not too bad.!

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Keep the rum bottles high and dry KC ,take care and thanks for the report from my favourite place in NQ.... Matt
    A bad days fishing has got to be better than any day at work......

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Nothing will destroy the rum!!


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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    8pm advice still has it coming straight towards Bowen but the tracking map forecast has it kicking due west in the morning and landing nearer to Ayr. Experience says these buggers tend to drift south, particularly if there is not a big high down south pushing it up. My guess, having watched these for 30 plus years, is Bowen or just north. Wind still topping out at 80 k's and don't think it will change much tonight. Monday arvo should get "interesting".

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Been through a few when i lived in Home Hill when i was younger , Hope every one is prepared and all lend a hand for the clean up afterwards , thoughts and prayers for everyone affected. Be good to see that Dam flowing over the spillway again awesome sight.


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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Good luck with it mate. I've noticed over the years that BOM are really good now at predicting paths. Twenty years or so ago they couldn't get within a day and 500k's of where a cyclone was going to come ashore. Now they seem to be pretty good. Remember the droughts of the nineties we were hoping for a low to cross the coast and bring some rain to the southern inland but all they did was suck all the moisture out. Maybe this will cross without too much damage for NQ and bring some rain to those that need it. And there's plenty of them still. Good luck again KC.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Big E if the spillways run they wash all the barra away =(. Clearly however the Burdeken and Proserpine dam will both get a pretty fair "top up". As an aside, did you know Red Claw ONLY breed with a rising water level? Means this time in a bout 18 months will be a red claw "bloom" in Prossy dam, (make a diary note).Still blowing and raining, hopefully a few more Ausfishers a bit further north join this thread. I know when I covered Uilu and the Mission Beach guy live blogged Yasi it was better than any TV coverage. Fisherman actually know about the weather.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Hope it isn't as bad as the news makes it out to be.
    All the best to all those in the firing line.
    Be safe.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    The news loves a good beat up and get really disappointed when they don't turn out as bad as the hype. This one is the real deal but not looking any worse than Uilu in 2010 and nowhere near as bad as Yasi in 2011. Have lived through 30 years of them and even looking at real time radar this is not a monster, but, still sufficient enough to get ready and not be complacent. If it hits a town with old buildings it will do some damage. Wind has increased significantly in last 1/2 hour. Maybe peaking above 90 k's. Will check seabreeze station on Hamilton island but Airlie is getting a fair sort of blow job.....Can I say that?

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    5am and conditions are about the same. Wind steady at 66 ks, gusting to 80 plus, rain but not in flooding levels yet. Still a fair way out to sea but going to be an ugly couple of days at this rate. Next BOM advice due any minute

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Ramping up already in the last 1/2 hour. Wind to 75ks gusting to 90 at Hamilton Island weather station.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    appreciate the "real news" opportunity KC.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Really interesting to look at the real time satellite and 512k rain radar images. Both of these, to the eye, are showing the centre well to the south of what the official BOM 5am advice is saying. The 8am advice may well confirm what particularly the radar is saying and if so, Mackay might want to start paying more attention to Debbie. Weather is deteriorating by the minute. Heavy rain now. Very ordinary outside and a Northerly swell is just staring to roll into the bay (again a 50 knot SE wind). High tide today will be interesting to say the least.

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