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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    From 03:30 pm BOM report, Debbie now cat 3.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Such a great thread, thanks kc.

    A very different picture to the style used by media outlets


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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Fmd. Lat 3 hours horrendous. Worst of the whole day. Screaming in from north with no cover. Had enough fun. This is a monster

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    I once went skydiving. Kind of exciting, kind of scarey,glad i did it and never want to do it again.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Winds at hamo down to 60 ks. Not long left..i hope

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    I see our two biggest row boats with helicopter capability are out of action and they have sent the remaining ship with helicopter capability and she is steaming north.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Great reporting KC
    Hope all is OK

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    BOM says she now a cat 2.
    Hopefully the wind out your way is easing.
    Looks like rain will now be the next thing!!

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Broken its back. Singularly longest day of my life. Never again. I have always been the boyscout. Always the one ready and well prepared. Nothing could prepare you for this. When the dust settled and the global warming vutures swoop in, this will be the most damaging and expensive cyclone in australias history. F#ckin horrendous day, made a bit worse by dh media telling us it was all over bar the shouting hours ago.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    KC how your going?

    Hopefully you had some rest last night!!

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Debbie will be lucky to make Australia's top 10 worst cyclones, damage wise, power wise or financial wise, one can only imagine the destruction if Debbie was running pressure in the low 900's or high 800's, central pressure was in the mid to high 900's and thankfully she never reached the power and destruction capabilities of many that preceded her.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Upload some pics when you can KC.....
    have you heard exactly where the eye crossed the coast yet?
    A lot of conflicting media reports covering about 100 miles of where it crossed.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Ok I'll respond for you KC....what drugs you on satnav? I can't recall too many storms at +250klm/hr

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Just start with Mahina and work down the list, it's not all that difficult to comprehend really. Oh yeah just refresh my memory where it was 250+ among the coastal communities?.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Satnav, and without trying to be rude,,,,,,,This will be, without any shadow of a doubt, the most expensive cyclone ever to hit australia. It has f#cked over a massive industry. The business interuption insurance alone will run to the 100,s of millions. Structral damage will be 100,s of millions. Marinas, boats, jettys is a shocker. I have worked all day today. Got open at 11. Fed 100,s of people who had no food. Fed emergecy workers for free and managed a bit of a look around. Airlie is trashed, just trashed. I have lived here 33 years, through countless cyclones. This one was different. Tommorw the tv cameras and politicians will go and it will be just us and the insurance companies. Poor bugger my town, my 53 staff and my industry. This was horrendous and now tonight we have a preety soloid thunder, satnav. Mate, put a zip in it.

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