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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Thanks for the updates, good to know the facts and hopefully damage is limited to trees and the odd structure but not humans.
    What could go wrong.......................

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Quote Originally Posted by PROS View Post
    Hamilton Island showing 142knots, 260+kmh, that's Cat5 territory
    1. No still only Cat 4 at 263km/h, Cat 5 is 280 km/h on

    2. BOM should be happy they have actually had a station survive this one to actually confirm wind speed predictions

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Je..sus. got town to venue wi th a fair bit of scub bashing to get there. Lost some big windows and restaurant pretty trashed. Trees down everywhere. This has been a very serious storm. Lots of signs and awning down but cant see much building damage

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Good luck mate

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Here she comes again. 1 meter northerly swell rolling into the bay. Wind can't be far behind

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Coming in from north just now. Hope not as bad. Lot of damage already and airlie is very exposed to north. At least tide going out. 1 meter surf rolling into bay.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Finger arms at both marinas have busted loose. Carnage in a way fishos understand. Have not seen persoanally but ive got a boat in abel point marina. MighT be thank god for insurance

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Got computer working. How good are Honda inverters. a 3 kva running my fridge, lights, my mates fridge downstairs and now the desktop PC.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Looks like BOM Bowen radar is out.
    Mackay & Townsville still operating.

    Hope your boat is OK.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Doesn't matter. Insured and is what it is. Bigger issue is commercial fleet and marine infrastructure which can really damage the business community and tourism. The industry which employs everyone. This will be 100S of millions of dollars damage. Prick of a thing

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Mates 6.5 cruisecraft on trailer, on it side

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    I know it's a thank god for insurance but still not nice for you guys a lot of money and time will be outplayed to get a lot of people back on there feet, hopefully it starts to breakdown now it's landed.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Hopefully since it's crossing the coast it degenerates quickly.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Not yet have to say. Now have 160 plus from north. F#ing screaming...again and no cover

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    FMD...over this. Sreaming in from NW. Horendous

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