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Thread: Cyclone Debbie Blog

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Channel 9 is fun. Old mate in Ayr trying to talk it up, but deep down cracking the sads he has missed "the spot", the women in Mackay, almost coming in her pants because a tree has fallen over and the guy in Airlie has got the golden ticket. "Here's a scoop", direct from channel 9. Cyclone Debbie is the largest cyclone to hit the Qld coast since cyclone Yasi.. Dickheads, it is only the 3 rd hit the coast since Yasi and both the other were little ones. Like saying it is the wettest day since the day before yesterday. I know they have a job to do, but, really, just scaring the sh!t out of people for no good reason?? They are still talking up Townsville being without power for 4 days. Townsville will not lose power for 4 minutes =(.
    Anyhow. Its wet, windy and will, in all likelihood get worse and at some stage tonight or early tomorrow we will lose power. Ayr is safe, Townsville is even safer and Mackey/seaforth should be nervous. Bowen/Monties and Airlie are still in the firing line.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    looks pretty mean on google.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    looks worse looking out my window =(

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Great reporting KC.
    Maybe you should apply for a job with the news crew

    Quote Originally Posted by kc View Post
    All good. I hope for as long as I have internet I can keep posting "real" news, not the TV fake News which is so much a part of the modern media. I remember after Yasi some TV dick, standing at the damaged clump point jetty (MIssions beach) telling the world "and this is where tourist leave from to visit the Whitsunday Islands"...only a few weeks ago a courier mail story "killer dingos lost on Whitsunday Island"...Pelorious island as it turns out. 400 k's north near Hinchinbrook. Never let the truth get in the way of a good beat up....PLUS you can all say, you knew the cyclone was going to drift further south, because you saw it first on Ausfish =)


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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Nah! I will try for a job selling used cars or real estate. Better still become a politician. Much more credibility.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Not sure where google earth is pulling their data but if they are right it is already south of the whitsundays. The current mark has it almost 30 ks south of the last BOM advice and tracking towards Mackay, Will check the radar to confirm.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Radar does not agree. It is real time observation rather than computer models and the little fuc#er is just sitting out there and slowly moving due west, in a line between Bowen and Airlie Beach

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Getting serious now. The 8pm advice is now a cat 4 wind winds to 250k's and intesifying. Advice had confirmed what the radar is showing. Tracking due west or even slightly to the north west. Google earth is wrong!! Fake news? Winds in Airlie steady at about 80 to 90 k's, gusting to 120 but this is going to get a lot worse. If this hits bowen, which is low lying and full of old homes it will be catastrophic. Much "safer" if it come a bit further south. Uilu was a dangerous storm which caught us with our pants down. Our pants are well secured but starting to get a bit of brown stuff forming in the saggy base.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Winds just hit 132 ks max gusts. Smelly shorts weather. Pissing down. Can't believe we have not lost power yet

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Hayman shows a drop in the wind 5:00am in the morning.
    You might have a chance for a quick fish KC.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Maybe from my balcony at the top of the storm surge =)

    Going to get a couple of hours sleep. It is going to get exciting in the early hours of the morning.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Must be getting windy up there now.. Hope all are well battened down and safe.

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    1.30am. Game on. Using tablet so excuse typos. Lost power 10.30. Wind now touching 80 knots. Eye near hardy reef which is 20 knots. Hamilton island 90 knots. Still a few hours till touchdown

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Wind now passed the old fashion 100 miles an hour and ee are still 5 or 6 hours from centre. This is going to be a shocker

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    Re: Cyclone Debbie Blog

    Just heard a roof go somwhere behind us

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