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    Landing (Accidentally) A Big Old Queensland Lungfish

    G'day fellas, just thought i'd share this video of a big ole Lungfish me and some buddies caught in the Brisbane River a little while back. We were using worm, live fish and garfish which we had caught throughout the day, and landed a few bass, some Eel and a heap of Catfish (Bass on lures), plus this Lungfish. It was a really cool experience to actually see one, and man do they look ancient, like a goddamn dinosaur fish. Anyway, we released her unharmed as soon as the hook came out, and she swam away as nonchalantly as she came in. A beautiful fish, and one i won't be forgetting anytime soon.

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    Re: Landing (Accidentally) A Big Old Queensland Lungfish

    Well handled, mate. Great looking specimen. Looks like some decent current where you are, too.


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    Re: Landing (Accidentally) A Big Old Queensland Lungfish

    Good stuff ......

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