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    Talking Boat number seven!

    Yep, my venerable old 1996 Whittiey Cruisemaster finally died peacefully when the money-in tin just got too big!

    So I bought a new 4.95 metre Surtees Tinny from the best boat dealers around, Northside Marine!

    Extremely strong boat, 4 mm floor 3mm sides, typical superior NZ welding. Fish well underfloor, bait board, 7 Rod holders, Sat Nav/Sounder, VHF, windscreen/Bimini cover, 70 hp 4-stroke Yammy, very basic boat but all I need as I start to downsize, great for chasing around Moreton Bay for the ever diminishing whiting and crabs.

    Set me back just under $36,000 which is quite expensive but old story of what you pay for is what you get!

    Past boats were: 1st boat at age 18 a timber 17' inboard ski boat, 16' ski boat in PNG - Hartley Cabin Cruiser in PNG - 26' Mariner Flybridge Cruiser, Haines 680 SC, Whitley Sovereign Cruisemaster and now the Surtees!
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    Re: Boat number seven!

    That's a beautiful little boat mate. It'll go offshore too without a problem. congrats and hope it goes well for you.

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    Re: Boat number seven!

    Be interesting to see how many boats we average over a lifetime. I am told we have an average of 14 jobs. How many boats? I'm at 15 looking at 16 after 15 years of boat ownership.

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    Re: Boat number seven!

    Only ever had a few jobs, but had plenty of boats and cars...

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    Re: Boat number seven!

    Hey Pink Panther
    I reckon you've purchased very well. 36K is very reasonable for a new Surtees. What electronics are you going for? '
    See you at Club Mud?

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