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    Woodgate Fishing This Weekend

    Mate of mine has moved to Rocky so we've decided to meet up halfway at Woodgate this weekend. He is fairly new to fishing but has just bought a new shimano combo so he's pretty keen to spend most of Saturday and Sunday on the water.

    I've only ever spent an hour or so fishing the Theodolite Creek on a previous trip a while ago, so I only have a vague idea of the area. We will both be in kayaks so looking to throw/trawl some lures or maybe throw some baits around, I have packed the surf rods as well so beach fishing is an option.

    Basically just looking for a few tips to hopefully get him onto a few fish (flathead, jacks, grunter, or whatever else might be kicking about). Whether the beach is worth it? Burrum River or Theodolite? Any other tips?


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    Re: Woodgate Fishing This Weekend

    Head down to Walkers Pt and fish the Burrum. Heaps more options in my opinion.

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