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    Re: Fined for not wearing seat belt at the ramp..... watch out

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    I would have to wonder WHY , did something he did previously to loading his boat on the trailer or was there some exchange about something he did . On a Sunday I would have thought that quit a few people would have been moving boats and trailers around in that area ,and yet it seems no one else was booked for driving without a seat belt or was there .. Matt
    They did all the ramps here on that weekend, 28 got pinged from not wearing seat belts, drink driving, drugs, unregistered vehicles/boats etc. I suspect that a lot depended on your response to the officials request. On that occasion they ignored me although a mate was chipped not booked though for having the reversing brake flipped over when he arrived, he lives 100m from the ramp.

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    Re: Fined for not wearing seat belt at the ramp..... watch out

    It is this bit that gets me..quoting Senior Sargent Mahony.

    Its well documented that even low-speed traffic accidents can cause significant injuries to the driver and occupants, and the wearing of approved seat belts significantly reduces injuries to drivers and passengers as a result of vehicle accidents, he said.

    What tripe...I would love to see the statistics on vehicular accidents at boat ramps. Has anyone ever seen one occur, one causing injury? I know I haven't seen either. And those that are saying the reaction of the driver might cause the scrutiny..well I know I would be incredulous at the least if I was questioned about why I am not wearing a seat belt moving my boat 15 meters up the ramp and this could be misconstrued as being belligerent by the Police. This could bring an adverse reaction from them and lead to an escalation. Or have they identified boaties as being highly represented in the criminal class and this is a way to target the non-conforming, law breaking people that tow boats?


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    Re: Fined for not wearing seat boat at the ramp..... watch out

    I always don't wear a seat belt or have anyone in car just in case something remotely happens and car ends up in water.Last think you want to be doing is trying to undo seatbelt while panick takes over.

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