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    Raymarine AXIOM pre order special

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    Special deal for Ausfish members,
    Pre order your Raymarine Axiom system and recieve a free Moose Marine transom saver and gift pack + FREE SHIPPING.

    Moose Marine

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    Re: Raymarine AXIOM pre order special

    wow, i just saw the 9" advertised for under $1000US. so two units is about$3000 aus. But then I re read it and it says from.

    Interesting to see a Lowrance 3D shoot out at those price points.

    On further reading of the specs, only the 12" gets 1200x800 wxga screen, the 7 and 9' only get 600x480wvga. I guess they have to justify more than double the price from 9" to 12". ($949US to $2495us)

    Which begs the question, are the 7 & 9" screens just bait to get us into the store. Yes I am cynical because I have seen this before.
    Ok more prices have come to light.

    $950US is for charts screen. The sonar screen is $1650US with a 3d transducer.

    Thats what I love about americans and marketing, you have to read the fine print.

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    Re: Raymarine AXIOM pre order special

    Moose how do you recon it would go as an offshore sounder? All their promo vids are bass fishing.....

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    Re: Raymarine AXIOM pre order special

    Crunchy, until somebody actually buys a unit and uses it, Moose is in the dark like the rest of us, lol. They aint out yet. Patience grasshopper.

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    Re: Raymarine AXIOM pre order special

    There's $2K in the kids education account that I got my eye on....I need to get in quick before it gets wasted

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    Re: Raymarine AXIOM pre order special

    so i am in the dark only from the reports i get in from the field testers and pro staff.. which obviously will have a grain of salt. in a weeks time i will get my hands on one to play with finally and have more answers.. i can say though that so far its looking to be something rather special.

    to address Andy.. there is a HUGE market for non sonar or base sonar systems around the world. especially in the cruising/sailing market in the US and EU. one of the focuses raymarine has had with the axiom is to not let that market feel left out of the marketing. hense the super processing speed and beefed up gps tech.

    but that does afford for a price difference.. so ive been crunching numbers with my raymarine rep for a few weeks now. .the biggest gap between US and AUS pricing is around $300AUD.. but considering that we get a nation wide map..... and they dont. and how small of a market and what local support is offered. i think the pricing is pretty good, i wouuld of liked to have seen it closer to the projected 1600 mark for the 7RV. but not to worry


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