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    Re: Does this sound right???

    Plenty of those portable shade sheds on ebay and gumtree too. Quick to install and come in quite a few different sizes and colours
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    Re: Does this sound right???

    Do the shade sheds and other such structures have a wind rating, also you'll probably find that as you won't be allowed to enclose your carport all the dirt and rain will blow in. I put the heaviest duty shade cloth along the side of mine and both dirt and rain still gets in with monotonous regularity, I will replace it with the plastic backed cloth but how long will it last. A cheaper alternative is a good boat over although I've seen a few that would approach the cost of a shade shed and it doesn't have the convenience factor.

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    Re: Does this sound right???

    Engineering details from their website.
    You blokes have rocks in your heads if you think that just because they are 'removeable' or 'transportable' that they don't require certification.

    Any solid roof 10m2 and over needs certification. You 'might' get away with a non waterproof shadecloth one but I'd doubt it.

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    Level of importance 2 as per AS/NZS 1170.2.2011.
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    Re: Does this sound right???

    Do the shade sheds and other such structures have a wind rating...

    we have cyclonic rated and non-cyclonic rated, the cyclonic rating is to C2 category 2., for regions that require it.

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    Re: Does this sound right???

    By the looks of your sketch you'll be up for a boundary relaxation and if it's enclosed you'll likely need to adhere to a FRL Fire resistance level.
    I have two quotes for my shed and it's around 2k, and the plans were $1k

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    Re: Does this sound right???

    What about a shade sail? I put one up at my last house, did the job well, cost about 2k (custom made, including fittings, 2 poles cemented into the ground), no certifying (or at least I didn't get any). The canvas just recently carked it after approx 10yrs of tropical sunshine. Also survived a couple of cyclones in that time. Easy to take down if plans change or for new owners. Might be worth considering.

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    Re: Does this sound right???

    Gidday mate,
    All commercial carport builders will include the certifcation costs in the quote.

    If you are going to do it as 'owner builder' then you will need a private certifier from the yellow pages who will charge $200-400 for the process.
    Then you will need some plans drawn up for the certifier to lodge with council, so you might need a draftsman, or perhaps your hand drawn plans will be ok, ask the certifier.
    He lodges the plan and it get approved before you start, then he comes out and certifies the job at the end.

    Depending on your attitude, many people do the job without approval, and never get it checked by council. If you are comfortable that it meets the minimum W44 standard for wind rating, so that it wont blow away, then many guys just do it.
    In 20 years of real estate, I have never seen a buyer check council records for a carport approval during a sale process. At resale time, all they do is get a Builders Report to check that the structure actually meets normal building specs.
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    Re: Does this sound right???

    Quote Originally Posted by wayno60 View Post
    I want to wack up a carport for my boat to live under.

    I rang one of our Building Development guy at work and he told me that Council don't have anything to do with that anymore, I need to get onto a certifier which could cost between 5 to 10k to put up a $1500 carport

    Please tell me that's wrong...
    Hi Wayno,

    I'm a Building Certifier based on the Sunny Coast.
    Drop me an email and I will head you in the right direction.

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