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    Moogerah Dam feedback

    Hi I was after some feed back on moogerah as the family and I were thinking about going ther from the gold coast for a day trip on Saturday, it looks to be about 1.45 to 2 hours drive which is fine, we are planning to go do some skiing and give the kids a tube.
    Now I have never been there hense the questions, I have spent a lot of time at Copeton Dam down in NSW near Inverell and I understand Moogerah is like that but a lot smaller.

    Does anyone know how busy this gets each weekend ? I was planning to take 2 cars the boat and a gazebo and setup somewhere hopefully on waters edge.

    What is the cost to enter the dam ? (do you go where the caravan park is ?)

    And it looks like Aratula is the closest fuel station if we need to refill which is fine.

    Also whats the best way up across the logan motorway or across through beaudesert ? both say they are 1.40hours, Logan motorway is 140k's beaudesert is 114 I expect the beaudesert is a lot hillier thus slower (I leave from upper coomera)


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    Re: Moogerah Dam feedback

    Just a heads up a bit of a fish kill going on at the moment up there. Reason unknown at this stage but someone advised that water temps were around 30 degrees in some areas which could be the problem.


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    Re: Moogerah Dam feedback

    Its like queen street out there on a weekend.
    But it is a lovely scenic dam with plenty of access.

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