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    Vanuatu cruise fishing

    Hello , Later this year we are doing another cruise to vanuatu / new caledonia. Did similar cruise a couple of years ago and did a half day charter out of port vila which we may do again but have not yet decided. What I am thinking though is taking a travel rod, reel and some soft plastics and lures and having a fish from the shore in the places we visit,champaigne beach,mystery island etc.. . Fishing would be strictly catch and release unless a local wants the fish in which case they are welcome to anything I catch. I was wondering if anybody has done this and any hints or tips would be appreciated

    Cheers Craig
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    Re: Vanuatu cruise fishing

    Vanuatu/Fiji etc, the beach and adjoining water is generally tribally owned and fished. I'd be making enquiries along those lines before even thinking about casting from the shore.
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    Re: Vanuatu cruise fishing

    I have heard the same you can approach tge village elder but charter was easier and didnt have to worry about causing any problems

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    Re: Vanuatu cruise fishing

    Mystery Island is a marine park and no fishing allowed so you would need to get the locals to take you outside the lagoon and you might get a tuna or mackerel on a half day trip Just take a mask and snorkel and enjoy the area.

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    Re: Vanuatu cruise fishing

    A good mate was a manager of a resort in Vanuatu for a while.
    He was a keen and good fisho but struggled land based to find anything more than the odd trevally around the rocks.
    One thing he said that stuck is there are no rivers of developed creeks to harbour fish like bream, flatties and whiting.
    Most fishing is done a short way offshore at the reef patches.

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    Re: Vanuatu cruise fishing

    Thanks for the replys. Looks like the travel rod stays home and charter is the go.

    Cheers Craig
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    Re: Vanuatu cruise fishing

    Travel rod and a small tackle box won't take up too much room. I couldn't imagine going on any holiday without fishing gear. You never know when an opportunity may arise. I'm even considering taking a rod to the local RSL on Friday nights to have a go at some of the fish we catch there. Longer the night goes on, the more gets caught and size increases exponentially.

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