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    NEW Raymarine AXIOM system- Moose

    Raymarine today released info on its all new platform the "Axiom" system.
    This is a nice new direction for the big red giving them a glass bridge mutli core MFD that competes well with other units available and soon to be released.
    The Axion system is an all glass touchscreen MFD available in 7,9,12" guises and two sonar trims and one Navigation unit. The two sonar trims include a CHIRP downvision similar to what has been available on the A,E,ES DF range for a little while and the all new REAL vision system featuring the crazy amazing new 4-in-1 transducer . including 3D,SIDE,DOWN and traditional sonar.
    Also making its debut in the AXIOM system is Lighthouse 3! operating system. to take advantage of the extra processing speed LH3 is a simpler more refined interface "more when i get to have a play with it"
    Welcome is the migration to NMEA MICRO-C connections allowing easier access to a huge range of 3rd party NMEA2K accessories and devices.
    Included is all the usual WIFI/Bluetooth goodies but watch this space.
    Things are going to get REALLLLY FUNKYYY!!! .

    AXIOM Group Shot.jpgAxiom-Sonar-3.jpg

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    Re: NEW Raymarine AXIOM system- Moose

    If you need someone to help do some on the water testing......

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    Re: NEW Raymarine AXIOM system- Moose

    Is this an advance on what is already on the market or is this an attempt to "fill" the product gap?
    Moose, whats the story, how is this unit a much heralded " advance". 7,9 and 12" doesnt differentiate this product on anything but name. So are the prices premium too? Come on Moose, get you big..... into gear, give us the goss.

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    Re: NEW Raymarine AXIOM system- Moose

    Going by the 7" rrp of $1999 price is not one of the new benefits.
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    Re: NEW Raymarine AXIOM system- Moose

    Groovy so let me digest it all for you

    The axiom system is going to be situated in an interesting part of the market. its power exceeds that of the evo3 simrad and carbon navio units, and garmin 74XX units.
    however its sonar is limited to single chirp 600w

    My theory as to why they did this is the same reason toyota only puts 210hp or so in a camry.... because want as they might heaps of power, they dont NEED it.

    More power for the raymarine system would come in the form of their CP modules. up to 4kw of power if you really wanted it

    but the big deal is the sonar system "realvision". yep. 3d sonar has been around in a few guises from WAASP, Panoptix and SS3D. all needing separate transducers.
    having CHIRP/side and DOWN +3d in the one transducer is a very big deal for the trailer boat market

    BUT!.. the real big deal IMO. is the gyro stabilized sonar.
    Heave compensation isnt new either, and a few companies have been tooling their new solid state rate compases to work as a cheaper Heave compensation to the original gps antenna meathod.
    however once again having that gyro stablized built in is going to be a godsned for people who fish choppy water.

    fishing aside one of the things i also find interesting is the 77 channel 10htz gps.. up from the 36 or so in the new simrad range. this gps should prove to be very very responsive and accurate

    things im worried about

    Build quality, Nothing is free in this world and you cant have a lot of cool tech for a low price without something giving.... we shall see

    light house 3..... i hope that its as good as it aught to be. the 3rd incarnation should have ironed out a lot of bugs i found with LH2.

    price.........i was hoping around 1400-1500 mark.. we have an AUD of 1999 for the 7RV with navionics.. THOUGH! that is still very much a bargain for what you get

    stay tuned!


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    Re: NEW Raymarine AXIOM system- Moose

    Cheers for this moose. I like the updates raymarine have done in lh2. The only thing that peeves me still is the autopilot. Still wants course change acceptance when following a route.

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    Re: NEW Raymarine AXIOM system- Moose

    Thanks for the news. Whens its release date? Any chance Lowrance will do a software update to enable Chirp with TotalScan to compete? Or is it not software holding this back?

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    Re: NEW Raymarine AXIOM system- Moose

    Release is set for mid may for the 7s and progressing from there.

    lowrance have just released new software update for its HDS gen3 on the 14thh of may. featuring some improvements to sonar and connectivity. but no the total scan is at its limit. hardware more than anything

    you can download the HDS update here

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