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    Jigging for kings

    I'm looking at having a crack at jigging for some kings and AJs on the eastern side of Moreton. I'm not looking for specific marks but what depth should I be looking in? It's hard work if you're never going to get a hit.

    Any info us appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Jigging for kings

    We found them at hutchies in 45mtrs, that's the most shallow I have found them. Otherwise I think 80 mtrs is the starting point for them east of moreton. As you have already suggested, it's hard work if you are not parked directly over a school. Your sounder is your best friend, once you recognize a school of YT you won't be dropping your jigs down unless you are certain. Get gym membership a few months prior if you are going to prospect here and there every time you see one or two fish, I don't bother unless I can see thick schools under me.

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    Re: Jigging for kings

    Kingies can be found quite shallow in as little as 15 - 20m probably even shallower and big brutes at that!

    Whether you can stop them or not before they get back home that's another story!

    Deep water being required is a common misconception for a lot of anglers chasing these fish..

    Happy hunting!

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    Re: Jigging for kings

    Thank you for the info guys!! Hopefully I won't gas myself before even hooking up!

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    Re: Jigging for kings

    I find in really deep water and really heavy jigs are the go, the heavier the better
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    Re: Jigging for kings

    And a reel that allows very quick release of line, and a very high retrieval rate.

    Too slow either way and they don't seem to be tempted.

    Most of mine have been jigged on the way down and if you haven't had a strike in a while then rest a bit before dropping again.

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    Re: Jigging for kings

    No point jigging if your not marking any fish or bait. Shallowest depth I've caught a kingy east of Moreton is 30m. Also the largest.

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