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    Fish ID please (painted sweetlip?)

    Hi Guys
    Little girl caught this last night FNQ
    I am thinking painted sweetlip??

    thanks in advance.


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    Re: Fish ID please (painted sweetlip?)

    Dear old Blackall - one of several names including painted sweetlip. Looks like it to me. Plenty will tell you they are rubbish to eat but I dont mind them as long as they are fresh. For me though its probably a case of beggars cant be choosers.

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    Re: Fish ID please (painted sweetlip?)

    it was bled and fresh at the time we ate it, kids liked it. Missus thought it was ok.
    cheers for the reply

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    Re: Fish ID please (painted sweetlip?)

    Yep I agree blackall. Painted sweetlip. MIL fish but I reckon they're ok. Like PoMo, it's a case of that or nothing mostly for me.

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    Re: Fish ID please (painted sweetlip?)

    My MIL loves them. I get in trouble for throwing fish back instead of taking them around to her place for a feed LOL. Same as above though - treated properly and eaten fresh not as bad as the reputation suggests.
    "I soak the worms in rum. The fish love em and the worms die happy"
    "Alcohol is not the solution to your problems...................but then again, neither is milk"

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    Re: Fish ID please (painted sweetlip?)

    Cat food......

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