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    Moreton Bay Report Saturday 11/2- Sailfish

    Arrrhh, did someone mention sailfish - Moreton Bay- more later.

    We ventured out from Scarborough with the a host of others around 0430 ish. We had friends in another boat following us. Hoping to see if we could find those spotties which we had a great time with several days ago.

    Long, story short- same area- heaps/ heaps of bait. More boats/jetskis - macks , a little shy. We saw a few boated in other boats but they seemed few and far between. We did encounter some longtails - also skittish.Our partner boat managed to be in the right spot /right time and hooked up. Unfortunately, losing the fish, 25 minutes into the fight. We ventured south to the four beacons area plus here and there- trying birds, baitfish schools, bashing beacons as we went for undersize stuff .

    Mid morning saw us at the Wrecks for a nice dip and for the lads to burn off some energy on those sand hills.

    It was near home time- the bay was looking flat. Our partner boat was heading straight back. We detoured a bit north - more beacon bashing - hoping for some working birds but no go there. We were 400 metres short of a beacon ( M5 - I think) , there was something solitary creating some surface activity. Doesn't look like a dolphin. We poke on over, nice and slow. Still a fair way out and something comes out-very long slender, mate says a "ribbon fish". Me -" ribbon fish - really! hmmmm" (me old eyes are what they use to be, for distance ) hmmmm- not convinced ????- well as we close, there is a single fin/tail , just out of the water- crusing. We are still rigged with various slugs/metals so three slugs are casted out in the direction - retrieved. On reflection, we should taken just a moment to re rigged, heavy spin ( venom 15-50 spin/ gosa 60000) with that new flash nomad stick bait- might have increased our chances - rather than the mack tuna slugs lol - but that is hindsight. Much easier to carve it up after the event.

    Well, next thing to the side of the boat, a sailfish appears- not four metres away - only 1.5 - 2 metres down. Checking us out. Wow- every one was pretty stoked at that sight. Incredibly, awesome fish.After the initial surprise, I grabbed a camera but it was past tense. Gone.

    Still I thought I was a privileged to see one in the bay. The guys, certainly excited and that was a bonus for all even thought there wasn't a fish in the esky. I think, every time I go past that beacon, I will remembering that fish and be telling that story to who ever hasn't heard it before

    Well after that - back to ramp- a nice run across the bay- little bit chop towards main land. Back at ramp 1300 ish

    All good stuff and a great day out.

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    Re: Moreton Bay Report Saturday 11/2- Sailfish

    Good catch, its been a long time since ive heard of one being caught in the bay.

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    Re: Moreton Bay Report Saturday 11/2- Sailfish

    Had similar results on Saturday morning Pegasus. Managed one small schoolie at a beacon. Lost a couple more.

    Instead of a sail fish i saw a nine foot shark leap out of the water nearby and barrel roll about four times before splashing back in.

    Alot of bait fish on the surface but not much underneath them.

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    Re: Moreton Bay Report Saturday 11/2- Sailfish

    There was a sail caught by a kayaker at Noosa a couple of weeks back. Hadn't heard of too many of them around the south east before now, must be the year for it.

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