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That Sunline Castaway feels good, tho I had problems where it kept snapping a meter or so from my rod and kept loosing 50 to 100meters of line
Could've been a bad batch
I have had exactly the same problem with Castaway.
I moved to Varivas Avani Casting PE Max Power PE 2 and its now my favourite braid.
There is probably better out there but its the best I have used and casts a mile!
Last year I caught a 15Kg Cobia on it. Have caught loads of good fish on it now having used it for a couple of years.
This as and strong as and unlike castaway it last ages.
I bought mine on Ebay.com from Shimreels but they are temporarily closed for now.
I got 200mtrs of PE 2 for about $70 Oz dollars and its been an amazing purchase.
Anyone else out there tried it or found better??
If so I'd like to hear your experience with it.Attachment 115632