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Thread: 4wd Awnings

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    4wd Awnings

    How hard is it to find a 4wd awning that is 2.5x3m. I have a cheap ass Superkings one on the Landrover but I'm chasing a good one - 100% waterproof one for the Dodge and our trip away.
    Darche only make one 2.5x2.5. There seems to be some floating around on the cheap 4wd websites at 2.5x3 but they're not high on the GSM density and only claim to be weatherproof not waterproof.
    Anyone have recommendations?

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    Re: 4wd Awnings

    Try Arb but there not cheap and pretty much the same. Or you could just get the kings roof awning red one would probably be cheaper.

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    Re: 4wd Awnings

    I got an Ostrich Wing, never going back to a normal awning.
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    Re: 4wd Awnings

    Hi Brett, How about the supa peg option at Yatala. They are not cheap but they seem to be pretty good quality.

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    Re: 4wd Awnings

    ive had my "cheap ass" 2.5x2.5 kings awning out under torrential rain, would easily have had 20ltrs pooled on it at one point, not a single drip came through.
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    Re: 4wd Awnings

    Search "g camp" on eBay.
    I have had a 2.5 x 3 for a few years, no worries.
    Just made of the same stuff the rest of them are though.

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    Re: 4wd Awnings

    I have an awning made by supa peg at yatala and absolutely cant fault the quality. If they dont have that size I am pretty certain they would make one.
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    Re: 4wd Awnings

    Yep take the step up and get something like a 30 second awning.

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    Re: 4wd Awnings

    Wow $900 and 27kgs.! What ever happened to some tent poles and tarp ziptied to the roof racks..
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    Re: 4wd Awnings

    Hello gents,
    Thanks for the all the information provided. We decided against going with a "wing" awning as we felt they didn't offer enough protection considering we will be living under it for 6 months.
    We did make the trip u to Supa Peg and their canvas man Peter was only to happy to help with a specific design to our needs. We are going with a 3x3 with extra supports and another 3x3 wall/awning if required. We've had to make everything oversize and strengthened but it still wont be a problem with weight or size for the Dodge.
    Thanks again for the recommendations.

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    Re: 4wd Awnings

    Hi Brett.
    What's the Dodge?

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