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Thread: Wide Bay Bar

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    Wide Bay Bar

    Might try to head offshore through WB Bar early Saturday but worried aboutthe swell predicted to be 2M or so, and an incoming tide. High with the full moon will be as usual around the 0900 mark in the morning meaning a wind against tide situation.
    What would your advice be? I have only ever gone out through the main bar, and not through fisherman's gutter. Is it operational and how do you get to it. Boobies' boat is a 5.5M modamarinecraft with a 130 on the back. I have thought about a beach launch from Rainbow but that isn't something we've done much of. Wait for the turn? Any advice appreciated.

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    Re: Wide Bay Bar

    No ideas out there?

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    Re: Wide Bay Bar

    Hi here are the marks I use for the gutter these are only a guide look for the clear path with the swell and wind you are talking about it might be a pretty narrow path between the white water. It can be shallow in spots around a meter or so.
    If I am heading out I don't even use the bar only the gutter and I have a 5.7 half cab. I don't think it will be to comfortable out there this weekend but good luck all the same.

    Fishermans gutter 25.49.197 153.04.835
    Fishermans gutter 25.48.547 153.04.480
    Fishermans gutter 25.48.809 153.04.608

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    Re: Wide Bay Bar

    HI Jim, also wanted to go this weekend until I seen swell report, anything over 1.5 m swell on this bar starts to get dodgy, always try to cross on incoming tide regardless of wind direction, big pressure waves on run out, have never crossed fishermans gutter, beach launch is difficult with big swell as well, waves curl around headland, wind from the north makes it very difficult. Cheers Des
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    Re: Wide Bay Bar

    Thanks Shaun and Des, very much appreciated. Might be a trip onto 12 mile then, or maybe the Hards. Advice much appreciated.

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    Re: Wide Bay Bar

    Sheik bit late i know but just my 2 bobs on the bar, Always look at the mooloolaba wave rider buoy, gives you an idea of what the swell will be doing off DI and for that matter the bar. Today it's pumping a solid 2mtr and peaking at just over 3. If i read this last night my advice would be to someone who has only crossed a handful of times is to cross only on high tide. Easterly swell at 3mtrs off the buoy will be pumping on the bar and i would only cross on the last couple hrs of the run in tide. The gutter is good when the swell is big but same deal, the run in tide is best. With the swell up waves will breaking very close to the dog leg so you have stay west of the markers about 300mtr. I have crossed quite a few times with the wave buoy reading 3mtr on low tide, run out tide, high tide and at night on the high tide and it's white knuckles every time with that swell. Anything around the 1.5 and less is a lot better and comfortable to cross.
    I crossed on low tide in a much the same forecast as today a while ago and had both motors go into limp mode due to being vertical and they sucked air in the sump for a split second, had to switch both engines off and re-start with big rollers coming at us to buzz off outta there. Once your out today it would be nice with the variables.

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    Re: Wide Bay Bar

    THanks for that. just decided to go out ontoMurphy's and nothing much going on there. Think even the fish were getting out of the heat,although iwth a bt of breeze it was actually quite pleasant out there. Decent swell so would have been a little hairy going over the bar. Thanks again for the advice fellas.

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