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    Hinchinbrook on Big Tides

    Looking to head to Hinchinbrook in May with a few mates from work. Time that suits the majority splits the new moon which will see 3m+ tide variations - with an arvo low around the 0.2m

    I do like a bit of run (and particularly an afternoon low tide) - but am thinking that the size of the tides may make for some difficult fishing/dirty water and plenty of opportunity for us to get stuck waiting the tides given none of us know the system.

    Have only fished there seriously once before - but not from the cardwell end (where we'll be this time) - so it may be no dramas at all - but wanted some insight before we book. (looking at a week on a houseboat with my 4.8 CC in tow)



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    Re: Hinchinbrook on Big Tides

    On the big tides go up on the shallow banks and cast lures. The barra will be there. Watch the low tide as Port Hinchinbrook as it is too shallow to get up it.

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    Re: Hinchinbrook on Big Tides

    Cheers Davo,

    We're taking the plunge and will deal with what we find on the water! can't wait! (tides work for us at Port Hinchinbrook - high when we plan on getting on board and again on disembarking - so shouldn't be left high and dry in the marina!

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