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    Long Range fuel tanks

    I need a bigger tank for the Dodge. She's currently about 120l and I want to get to about 200l.
    Anyone had experience with extra tanks and getting one built from around SEQ. There's not too much off the shelf stuff for the Dodge around here. Shipping from the States is also a bit exy.
    Ideally I'd like to replace the one I have rather than add a drop tank. From the research I've done most of the drop tanks are placed where the spare wheel is mounted underneath and I'd rather keep my spare wheel.
    Thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated.

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    Re: Long Range fuel tanks

    Hi Brett,
    Mate if you only need it for long trips some blokes use those rubber ones.I've seen a few plastic(?) ones also.
    Put it in the shed when you get back home

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    Re: Long Range fuel tanks

    Just and update, I lucked on to one of these at an import mob in Victoria. It fits the car and I don't have to remove my spare wheel under the car.
    It will be here within the week.

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    Re: Long Range fuel tanks

    Hi Brett

    Did you get the tank?
    Friend of mine has a later mod RAM megacab 6.7 and is likely interested in getting one too

    What could go wrong.......................

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