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    Wathumba creek Fraser Island

    Looking at heading up to Wathumba creek for a few days from Urangan next month. Never been before, so does anyone have any tips on locations to fish? I have done a search for gps locations, and I have a few. But are there any locals that are willing to share some with me? Cheers.

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    Re: Wathumba creek Fraser Island

    Gidday mate, are you staying at the camp ground off wathumba or are you staying in a boat? Be away that the creek is very very tidal therefore only really accessible at high or close to high tide. If you want to fish the creek itself, any drain when the tide is running out will hold good numbers of flathead, bream, etc. Heaps of mudcrabs up there too. If you are looking for offshore locations I can't really help as when we went it blew the dog off the chain so we were restricted to the creek, but I understand there are plenty of good spots not far from the creek entrance. If you are camping on the land make sure you take very secure lockable boxes, or some method to hang them off trees as the dingos are fearless and will drag boxes out of camp and chew their way in to get your food. Hope this helps, have a good one.
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    Re: Wathumba creek Fraser Island

    And take a heap of bushmans...
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    Re: Wathumba creek Fraser Island

    So the entrance is only accessible at high tide? Is the rest of the creek ok to travel at low tide?

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    Re: Wathumba creek Fraser Island

    yup, but you wouldn't want to be in a big glass boat in the creek
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