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    Beach driving north stradbroke

    Heading over to straddy next weekend.

    What s the beaches like to drive on?

    I was told they ate very soft. High tide at 12.30pm on friday. Whats best time.?
    Is beach wide and is it and easy drive up to the pine if i go about half tide running out?


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    Re: Beach driving north stradbroke

    Camping on Main Beach this weekend. Beaches are great. 20 psi in tyres and no probs. Straddie Camping are saying no driving 2 hours either side of high tide but Main beach is no probs at high tide if you dont mind slogging it out in the soft sand.

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    Re: Beach driving north stradbroke

    Hi Linedropper
    That sounds good. How about the on/off ramps?

    I drive up at double island heaps of times but straddy is a first. Is it a good run to jumpin pin end. Hi tide 12.30 pm on friday, prob be ok about 3.30pm?

    Can you drive up to the lake without any dramas?


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    Re: Beach driving north stradbroke

    Depends on what you are used to. Compared to somewhere like Noosa north shore or Rainbow, Straddies beaches are soft but with correct tyre pressures and techniques you shouldn't have any issues. Last time I was there we did the full length of Main Beach in 3rd gear low a couple of hours after high tide. You won't get away with not dropping tyre pressures like you can up DI way.
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    Re: Beach driving north stradbroke

    No probs with the ramps at all. Dont stress it all easy as at the moment. Pin is prob cut off 2-3 hours either side of low due to downed trees.

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    Re: Beach driving north stradbroke

    Thank a lot

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    Re: Beach driving north stradbroke

    don't forget your beach permit Greg

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    Re: Beach driving north stradbroke

    Thanks robin.
    hey mate, how are those whiting going?

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    Re: Beach driving north stradbroke

    went out Tuesday, first time since late October, got 20, could have got more but size was crap so went home
    might try sandhills etc this week

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    Re: Beach driving north stradbroke

    Yeah, not like they use o be mate. I havnt fished rous or sandhill for over 18 months

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    Re: Beach driving north stradbroke

    Pretty sure you can be fined for driving an hour either side of high tide?

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    Re: Beach driving north stradbroke

    Main is usually softer than Flinders. Both great beaches. If one is windy you an go the other. I think Rangers to fine from time to time for high tide driving as it chews up beach and sometimes people go very high to avoid waves and I have seen people wrecking the vegetation which is crazy if we can't to keep,driving on these islands for years to come. Cheers

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    Re: Beach driving north stradbroke

    Thanks scott.
    yeah i will be going couple hours before low and come back about 2 hrs after low. That should get me up to the pin bat for a bot of fishing , i hope


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