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    Hows the fishing been? (December-Jan)

    Hey guys and girls, just after a quick informal run down on how the fishing has been.

    For myself, fishing buddies and those i talk to about it from time to time the overwhelming consensus has been that its been a really bad few months around the noosa system with the river not showing the usual numbers of common bread and butter species while the close reefs are producing more or less nothing of note, some hit and miss action as you push further out but still very underwhelming. I'm no beach fisher but the few i do talk to have given it up for now.

    However since a lot of these people fish in similar places and in similar styles and those i don't know that well might not be giving an entirely honest account i'm interested to see how everyone else has pulled up over the last two months.
    Has the fishing been better, worse or more or less on par with what you would expect.

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    Re: Hows the fishing been? (December-Jan)

    Hasn't been all that great for me, but this time of year is never that flash to be honest.


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    Re: Hows the fishing been? (December-Jan)

    Pumistone has been quiet.

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