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    Cape moreton newbie

    Hi Guys

    Taking my 6m with 150hp Honda out with the old boy tomorrow will launch from port of Brisbane ramp at 5am and head over to the beacons. Have ripped slugs at the beacons a lot of the last 12 months and I am thinking of going and poking my nose around the corner to Cape Moreton for a bit of a trawl and maybe a bottom bash as the weather looks like it will play the game. I see people have pulled some nice little reef fish not far from cape moreton so was looking for advice on a day trip I could do and what to target.

    Thanks guys


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    Re: Cape moreton newbie

    You'll need a commercial licence for trawling, maybe you want to consider trolling some lures? might be better to target the reef fish first and then hit the beacons on your way back in. First light you are more likely to have success on the shallow reefs. Even better, forget the reef fishing since there will be a Northerly and just have a troll for mackerel.

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