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    Noosa Bar crossing question

    Hello everyone,

    The weather is looking ok for a fish this week and was thinking of trying Noosa offshore for the first time. I have a 5.3m Stessl centen console which I have taken out to Fitzroy reef, The Tip of Fraser, The shelf through Inskip etc so handles great in good conditions. I haven't been through the Noosa Bar before but have watched a lot of videos recently. I was wondering if anyone else is going out so I could possibly follow them out or even if anyone has a report on the current condition?


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    Re: Noosa Bar crossing question

    Log onto Noosa Fishing webpage & you can see the drone footage of the bar. A totally different perspective from above.

    Went out 2 weeks ago & you still need to run at least 3/4s of the way over on the North shore side, so the waves are coming on your sb side a bit & then straighten up when you see the channel

    There will be a million boats crossing this weekend so just tag along.


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    Re: Noosa Bar crossing question

    Conditions are pretty good for noosa right now. Channel is sitting on the northern side with a reasonable depth, don't try it 2 hours either side of the low. You will most like need to run past the sand bags and through the dog beach in order to reach the channel unless its near high tide, check out the drone photos and you'll see why this is.

    remember its going to be very busy and the boys in blue will be having a lovely day out on the water so make sure everything up to code and take it slow.

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    Re: Noosa Bar crossing question

    mods can you delete this duplicate post please? I can't find out how to do it.

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    Re: Noosa Bar crossing question

    Flat as a pancake today when I took my dad out. We just followed the line on a few boats before us. We went out to North Reef for a while but it was very quiet. Dad managed his first Spanish Mackerel when we moved over to Sunshine Reef. It took a whole pilly on the drop. He was pretty happy as you can see in the pic.


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    Re: Noosa Bar crossing question

    Great condition s this week, you don't always strike it like this and glad you got your dad out. Buddy I'm away from tomorrow so we will have to catch up some other time.

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