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    Tow pro elite

    Morning Crew,
    I will be installing a tow pro elite into my Pajero this afternoon and have a question. It came with a 30amp circuit breaker to be installed in the power supply line from the unit to the battery. On the breaker it has 2 terminals, One says Battery and the other says AUX. I know that my power supply wire goes from the unit to the breaker but my question is which terminal on the breaker does the wire go, to the battery terminal on the breaker then where.........Do I then run another wire from the AUX terminal on the breaker to the positive of the battery or another wire from the Battery terminal of the breaker to the positive of the battery..........I have called Redarc and they said if I had bought the unit of E-bay which I did as Redarc do not supply the breaker with there kits so couldn't or wouldn't help.......
    Any ideas as just bought a new camper and need to sort this before the weekend...

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    Re: Tow pro elite

    Im sure if you should be installing this unit and then heading out onto the highway with a trailer requiring brakes if you have to ask this question. are you going to be 100% sure that you have installed in correctly and if needed in an emergancy situation it is going to work as it should. these units need to be installed using the correct wire size and also tap into the correct location in the vehicle to get brake signal etc.

    Basics is Battary positive - wire going to breaker (battery side) - breaker - wire going to tow pro module.
    the breaker acts like an inline fuse.

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    Re: Tow pro elite

    Thanks for your concern Sam687 but I am not that confident to not have it looked over first. I have a good mate who has installed many of these but he is not in my area at the moment. He has given me instructions of correct wire size, where to run the cable, etc. I have already ran 2 cables from the unit, one 3mm2 which will go to the electric brake input in my vehicles 7 pin plug, and a 1.25mm2 wire which will go into the brake input in the trailer plug, all nice and neat in some conduit and have entered the fire wall passenger side front of vehicle. He will be pulling in on his way down the coast to inspect, solder and test for me before I take off!! I now need to run another 3mm2 wire from the unit to the positive on the battery and another1.25mm2 from the unit to negative on the battery, What is confusing me is the 2 terminals on the breaker. I realise that the breaker needs to be in between the unit and the positive of the battery but unsure of which terminals on the breaker to be connecting to and mate not contactable at moment to help. As I have said, 2 terminals on breaker, one says aux, other says battery. I am trying to figure out if my power supply wire from the unit goes on to the terminal labelled battery and on the breaker and where to from there........

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    Re: Tow pro elite

    Seems like your all over it then and I wasnt trying to tell you not to do something, just a concern i had.

    Easiest way to describe would be... pick up the breaker and terminal that says BATTERY goes to the battery and the other side AUX goes to your unit.
    Are you sure its AUX and not ACC which standard for accessory(tow pro) it wont make a difference either way.

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    Re: Tow pro elite

    Thanks mate,
    Was having a very blonde moment! Now just gotta figure out how to pop out those plastic plates on the dash without breaking it so I can install dial, cant gain acess to behind the dash to easy......

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