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    Structure Scan: Yes or no?

    I just bought a HDS 7 Gen1 and it came with structurescan module and transducer. Just wondering if it's worth bothering to set them up?
    Is the image really worth it? I usually fish fairly deep (40m to 120m) around Brisbane and 1770 and dive a fair bit shallower.
    I'm replacing the Elite 7 HDI. After using my mate's, HDS7 in my boat the other day, the difference was far too great to ignore. But he doesn't have structurescan and I'm just not sure it's worth bothering to set it up for the type of fishing I do.
    Any advice or experiences will be helpful.

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    Re: Structure Scan: Yes or no?

    For offshore fishing the structure scan isn't much chop. It may be beneficial for hunting down livies or dive sites but that would be about all. It doesn't cope well with swell and is limited in it's depth penetration due to the frequencies used.
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    Re: Structure Scan: Yes or no?

    Hey if you have it. might as well use it right?

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    Re: Structure Scan: Yes or no?

    structure scan is worth it's weight in gold on close inshore reefs - up to say 25m depth. Mat.

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    Re: Structure Scan: Yes or no?

    yea not much use off shore unless its real calm and yu troll in a pretty shallow area etc as speeds need to be pretty slow- but ok in the bay and in big rivers of course and it wiil have come with a LSS 1 transducer more than likley so do yourself a favour and get the lss2 unit if yu do use it as its a solid improvement and as moose says ya got it so may as well use it

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    Re: Structure Scan: Yes or no?

    All good points. I just don't know if I can be bothered mucking around wiring in another transducer if it's more showy than functional. I'm not great with electronics and I'd prefer to avoid the headaches. But we'll see, I might be so bored one weekend that I fit it up for something to do
    Thanks for all the answers.

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