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    New review webshow- Announcement

    So Moose Marine with love from AFN are looking to produce a web based show featuring product reviews.
    So if you have a new or interesting product you would like featured and exposed to a little over 100,000 people nation "and who knows world wide!"
    or you have an idea for something you would like seen reviewed. Please get in contact with Moose

    p.s still trying to think of a good name for the show

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    Re: New review webshow- Announcement

    is it still gong to be decked out tv?

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    Re: New review webshow- Announcement

    Decked out will be part of the new AFN fishing show on channel 7. we had worked hard to get it going when ch31 "local tv station it was going to be airing on". lost its battle to stay on the air. so we mothballed it untill this opportunity came up.

    the show will be based around the outfitting of a new Jeanneau 795 marlin. first in australia. the show will be 12x 10 minuit segments as part of a longer fishing show on channel 7 Mate. we start filming in May.

    Marine outfitting solutions

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    Re: New review webshow- Announcement

    Congratulations Moose, well done, hope it goes well. Panoptix of course and other real time and 360 sounders would be a good one to start with. Also wiring your boat?
    regards jim

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