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Thread: Eging rods

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    Eging rods

    Hey guys just getting into chasing tiger squid the last 2 seasons out of my boat . I have been using fairly cheap gear and a quite short plastics rod which goes alright but im gonna upgrade to something a bit nicer and maybe it will improve my catch rate if not it might make it more enjoyable.

    My question is what rods are good value for money ???

    I live in brisbane and i fish for tiger squid in the shallows in the cooler months. i cast 2.0 to 3.0 jigs. Im after a rod i can fish out of my tinnie so not to long was thinkin 6 to 7 foot? ? Any suggestions from squid anglers is much appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Eging rods

    Shimano Sonic Pro is a good value graphite rod and you can also pick up combos with (almost) a free reel!

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    Re: Eging rods

    its not the rod that catches the squid its the Jig, look at your jigs first. I have good squid rods but still use my plastic rod from time to time. Its nice to cast with but smaller more accurate 6 foot plastic (1~2 kg) are the way to go.

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    Re: Eging rods

    I use the veratis. About $100 7ft. Did the trick for me, and could cast a 2.0 jig far enough. Light enough to use all night. And im sure you are aware at night, you only need a half a cast

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