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    Re: +6m Yalta Craft boats

    Lucky you had a good experience. Doesn't put me off Yalta's one bit, but I felt it worth a mention(and I'm not the only one with this experience). Still would love the new style dash, but they won't sell it(we won't buy a new boat then is the words used).

    The way these hulls punch big seas are a testament and I have personally put mine through the paces at 1770.

    Have you seen this thread yet?

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    Re: +6m Yalta Craft boats

    Good to know. I spent a bit of time in his work shop finishing off the boat with him so I could leave on time. The only thing I noticed was every time he said he had to go to the other shed for a different tool he came back with a mid strength tinny in hand hahah

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