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    Re: First ~4.2m SC boat - Quintrex, Stacer, Stessco, Clark or Horizon?

    Mostly comes down to CC of the block. Always go for the highest CC your boat can handle in weight.

    Honda and Suzuki also do the v-tec/lean burn which makes for a slightly zippier motor I feel.

    But mostly its CC of the motor.
    For example the 40 etec has a larger block than the 40 yammie. Added to this its firing twice as much and it.'ll destroy the 40 yammy in performance.
    The Suzuki and Honda are bigger motors than the yammie 40 so will naturally perform better.

    So many people are brand loyal when it comes to boats/motors that's it often bites them in the bum.

    check this out for an example

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    Re: First ~4.2m SC boat - Quintrex, Stacer, Stessco, Clark or Horizon?

    From what I have heard, at the end of the day the cheaper servicing costs of the e-tec are offset by the expensive oil. 4 stroke is quieter and still wins out on fuel efficiency. That said, the e-tec will probably beat it out in terms of performance. I'm pretty much indifferent on them to be honest.

    I'm leaning towards the e-tec at the moment only because it is coming with a better overall boat package - Stacer 429 seaway - yes I have moved a little from the open boat configs

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