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    Sandies-how deep do you go?

    Just wondering at what depth in Moreton Bay do you have best success for Sandies?Along drop-offs or out in open water ? Have crabbed it for years but results not the same anymore.Just interested to hear others thoughts.


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    Re: Sandies-how deep do you go?

    They can be down deep. When I lived in Perth we used to get them out of 15 or so metres in the Swan at certain times of the year. Some of the commercial crabbers up Hervey Bay way deliberately only work deep water with big heavy pots - stops a lot of crab theft as most recs don't get that far out or have a pot hauler. Don't chase them too much any more myself since dilly's were banned but mainly used to work 2 to 5 metres back then.
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    Re: Sandies-how deep do you go?

    Between 1m and 5m I get mine

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    Re: Sandies-how deep do you go?

    My son myself and a mate have been getting a feed lately in 3-8 ft of water, actually the pots in 3ft did better than the pots in 8ft.

    I have 12m (40ft) lengths of Telstra rope weighed down with lead for my pots but I don't think I have ever dropped them in 40ft of water, I usually crab between 20-30ft within the Moreton Bay. Not so much along drop offs more out in the open water but in saying that some times I hit them not to far from the close in islands out of Manly and other times I score out in the middle of the paddock.
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    Re: Sandies-how deep do you go?

    sort of depends on the time of year,early run (September to November) normally 1.2mtrs to bout 6 mtrs,second run (end feb till end july) 5mtrs to bout 10mtrs...have crabbed to 20mtrs before but long slog pulling the pots saying that have a pro crabber in family who sandcrabs in 50-70mtrs off Caloundra..its all trial and error these days
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    Re: Sandies-how deep do you go?

    Around rainbow beach i generally run my pots in 12ft to 20ft of water on the edges of sandbars or weed beds. have always done reasonably well doing this.

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    Re: Sandies-how deep do you go?

    Always get the best results around the 3 to 4 metre mark in the Cleveland area.

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    Re: Sandies-how deep do you go?

    Thanks to all for the replies.A few new ideas to mix it up or just follow Rosco1974.I like your technique for different times of the year buddy.I guess water temp has an influence?

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    Re: Sandies-how deep do you go?

    Rosco1974 is called the "crabking" for a reason, trust me

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