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    Lowrance smart marketing

    Wow, i see lowrance now have "Carbon HDS 3" . I also see $500 rebate on any HDS3 purchased. Does that include the carbon series or is that a clever way of grabbing a few dollars more? Is the normal HDS3 in run out mode?
    The elite series also now comes with bigger screens.
    Heres a marketing idea for lowrance, a low price "extra screen" , just a dumb screen. Satisfy my desire for a larger screen at a good price and extra sales for lowrance.

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    Re: Lowrance smart marketing

    After they sold me a unit that runs red hot, and keeps turning itself off at random intervals - no amount of marketing is going to get me back.......

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    Re: Lowrance smart marketing


    Mine does the same thing. I think it might be in the unit (like with your phone) will shut down when there no activity??

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    Re: Lowrance smart marketing

    I guess some didn't notice the price hike that went with the upgrade..


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