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    Question What's missing for fishos online?

    G'day.. I'm new to this forum...
    I am doing some research about online fishing services - and thought this is definitely the best place to come with the largest online group of Aussie fishos.
    I work at Coastalwatch and we are looking into creating a new fishing specific online service just for fishos.
    There are loads of good sites and apps just like Ausfish that everyone uses, and we certainly don't want to replicate what is already out there and working well.
    So I'm wondering what you guys think is needed for Aussie fishos online, that does't already? What's do you think is missing, what do you wish you had online in a website or in an app... that will help you with your fishing or you always thought would be neat to have?
    I'd love to hear your thoughts.
    We also have a survey going if you want to get more involved and add some detail to your ideas.

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    Re: What's missing for fishos online?

    I might be reading it completely incorrectly (since I have given up alcohol as a NY resolution and on the bit agro side as a result) however it sounds to me bit like "hey guys, tell us your creative ideas so we can use and capitalise on them..."
    Nothing wrong with it, just major companies do it slightly under a bit more hidden agenda...

    Saying this, here is what I need as a fisherman;
    Go out there and 3D HD scan the Moreton Bay in great details and I will gladly pay for the subscription.


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    Re: What's missing for fishos online?

    Hey Max..
    yeah sure I can totally understand what you are saying ... and it is what it sounds like - I'm totally looking for feedback and any ideas. I'm not trying to hide or cover anything, I'm just honestly and openly asking anyone who wants to help or discuss. I want to create something that is useful.

    3D scan of Moreton Bay.. hmmm sounds like a job for Google or the Navy.. perhaps we cold get a grant from Google for it... ?
    btw - did you see the Landline episode about fish catch-counting and the issues around commercial vs rec fishing in Moreton Bay? very interesting, and a real challenging issue.

    Thanks for the reply and idea nevertheless.. Russ

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