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Thread: Weirdest catch

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    Weirdest catch

    Having fished almost a lifetime and thinking I had caught and seen just about everything along comes a fish which just blows you away. Looking back at my unusual captures they include Australian Salmon where I grew up in the Pumicstone passage. 2 in one session in fact. Also a large mouth nannygai/saddle tail sea perch off the donnybrook jetty. In later years in the Whitsundays I have caught Coral trout 3 miles up a creek, 2 sand crabs (blue swimmers) on a fly rod...caught not jagged. A fly caught Giant herring in a fresh water stream, and now this. A fish to top the lot . Setting the scene. Thursday morning. 2 am. 55 meters of water over a pinnacle I get nannies on. 10/0 hook, 1/2 a squid, 60 lb trace, 80 lb braid and a 5 ounce dropper lead. Meassured 80 cm and guessed it about 4kgs. An unbelievable ball of solid muscle. Especially weird is that just a few days ago I booked a trip in July to Kiribati fly fishing to tick one off the bucket list. Missus tells me now I don't have to go. Seeing this thing in the flesh only makes me keener. Behold a Great Barrier Reef/Whitsunday Bonefish.
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    Re: Weirdest catch

    55m of water is surprising, thought these things were definitely shallow water critters.

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    Re: Weirdest catch

    No they catch them in 80mts wide of fraser island on squid,the bigger go deeper, the smaller fish stay in the shallows.

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    Re: Weirdest catch

    Had heard that they were occasionally caught in deep water, just never at night, never in the Whitsundays and never by me. Some talk in the local tackle shop of a 4 kg fish being caught on the reef flats near Cape Gloster on a gold bomber recently. Maybe it's all a sign of global warming =)

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    Re: Weirdest catch

    My weirdest catch was a match box car of the Hervey bay pier.

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    Re: Weirdest catch

    I once caught a Navy bomb in Jervis Bay, near pooped my pants...

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    Re: Weirdest catch

    Something pretty lucky or damn lucky? I was live baiting for Kingfish, and fishing for bait at the same time, caught the Yakka that I had a hook through on my live bait rod! fair and square in the mouth.

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    Re: Weirdest catch

    My weirdest catch was around 1978 in the Macleay River , fishing from the bank with a prawn bait I pulled in a fish to find that my line went into the mouth of a flathead around 35 cm long, the line then went out through the gills and a bream was on the hook at the end of the line, don't know how it happened but it happened..

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    Re: Weirdest catch

    I hooked a Yakka off sunshine beach and let it twist in the wind for a while as i sorted out another fish. By the time i pulled it up there was a pretty good table sized squid latched onto the yakka. The squid came home for tea while the Yakka went down with a couple of 6/0 hooks.

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    Re: Weirdest catch

    Good Bone. Catching one on the long wand won't hold the same mystique now. Have seen some weird stuff - one of my biggest Dollies fell to a bottom bashing rig with a pound of lead about 4 boat lengths off Boat Rock, once managed a very solid whiting under a gold coast bridge - with a bonus sandcrab hanging on to the swivel and witnessed my old man somehow manage to get his hook stuck in the neck of an empty stubbie down the Pin - pity the full ones don't bite just as well
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    Re: Weirdest catch

    An arse hooked long tom off Cossack when I was a kid springs to mind. Cleanly hooked in the clacker. Jumped a bit too.

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    Re: Weirdest catch

    A coulple of years ago I caught an undersize sand whiting in 55meters of water whilst hand-lining for flathead. During the same session, the flathead I was pulling up suddenly became heavy but I kept it coming to the boat. When it was close enough to see, I first thought it was a massive cobia and then realised it was a mako! It didn't even know it was hooked. I cut the line, dropped a whole pillie on some gangs with a trace and held on! The speed and aerial show was amazing to say the least.

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    Re: Weirdest catch

    An undersize winter whiting in 30+m on a 6o hook and aome squid..

    Not me but my niece somehow caught a dead mullet!! In moreton bay...

    A 55cm jack on a 10lb kids set up with a small whiting hook and a servo prawn... its the biggest one ive
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    Re: Weirdest catch

    Caught a nice size longtail tuna last year that was gut full of flathead.

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    Re: Weirdest catch

    We fishing at Fingal and saw a hand reel come by, so picked it up and first on it was a seagul, which I released then proceeded to pull in and was a 32cm Whitting which after going through that I released too. But I got to keep a hand reel.
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