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Thread: Fish ID please

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    Fish ID please

    Caught off peel this morning.
    Released as didn't recognise it
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    Re: Fish ID please

    Looks like a Slatey Sweetlip & Painted SweetlipAustralian Slatey, Blackall, Bluey, Greysweetlips, Moke, Morwong, Mother-in-law Fish, Painted Blubber-lips, Painted Sweetlip Bream, Slate Bream, Slate Sweetlips, Slatey Sweetlips, Smokey Bream, Thicklip, Thicklip Bream, Yellowdot Sweetlips

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    Re: Fish ID please

    Thanks. We had it as a harlequin sweet lip.
    Any good eating?

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    Re: Fish ID please

    We used to get them when I lived in Exmouth but not too flash compared to the other fish caught there,

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    Re: Fish ID please

    Looked after properly and eaten fresh - not as bad as the "mother in law" reputation is made out to be. Don't bother trying to freeze it.
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    Re: Fish ID please

    Its a Painted or maybe even a Gold Spot Blubber Lips I think

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    Re: Fish ID please

    I'll call it for a Netted Morwong (Plectorhynchus flavomaculatus).

    They can be a fairly regular catch on the shallow reefs around the Redcliffe Peninsula at times.



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    Re: Fish ID please

    Definitely a Netted Morwong not a Painted Sweetlip (Slatey Bream).... Short fuse is right. Not good to eat at all.

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    Re: Fish ID please

    Yep, netted morwong, very soft flesh similar to slateys, don't bother keeping them even when things are slow.

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    Re: Fish ID please

    If you bleed and ice them immediately, they still taste shyte!

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    Re: Fish ID please

    have caught about 5 of them here at Redcliffe over last few years and ate one of them. Was fine to eat, but i knew to bleed it immediately.
    I have always known them as a netted sweety
    Dad reckons fishing is 10% brains and 95% muscle, the rest is just good luck.

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