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    Hull Heads / Mission Beach with a 4m tinny

    I am heading down to Mission Beach this Jan, and have a 4m tinny sitting in the shed that is dying to be used by myself and 8yo son. Was thinking of going over to Hull Heads and putting it in. What is worth pursuing here? Any tips.
    My thoughts were along the lines of:
    - Drop in the crab pots along the mangroves to start with.
    - Throw some lures along the banks, near river mouth for Mangrove Jack?
    - Worth trolling around the mouth?

    Any other suggestions for a fun day. My son loves fishing, but he does need some 'action' to keep entertained as well.


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    Re: Hull Heads / Mission Beach with a 4m tinny

    would go and fish around tam oshanter point head land get barra good tarpon trevs gaint herring and little cod use to just fish by foot when i was live there all ways caught fish or caught a lot of flathead near the boat ramp at south misson on the beach throwing soft plastics near the rocks

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