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    Question 13 FIshing Rods and Reels?

    Hi guys,

    anyone had or know much much about the 13 fishing rods and reels? Interested in getting a new bream spin and jack baitcast set up.

    cheers, BTL
    Thats another one for the Punisher!

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    Re: 13 FIshing Rods and Reels?

    I'm guessing that is some kind of brand? Never heard of them if that's the case, kind of sounds like an eBay thing, but I could be very wrong, lots of stuff on the market these days.

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    Re: 13 FIshing Rods and Reels?

    It appears to be a US based company

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    Re: 13 FIshing Rods and Reels?

    They were supposed to be bringing out some interesting stuff mid to late October but it all went a bit quite. the specs looked pretty damn good as did the materials and the price was both very good and a little worrying. best bet would be to look up their face book page and see who's stocking the current gear and check the comments on their posts to see if any one is talking them up or down.

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    Re: 13 FIshing Rods and Reels?

    had a 13 2-4kg spin rod a while ago.
    offloaded it pretty quickly to a mate after a light spin rod.
    Has broken the tip on it twice now.......once with a highstick, once casting it.

    Never buying another.

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