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    well I've always been a lite spearfisher with handheld oxygen tanks, but in the past 6mth around Morton bay.... is it clear to say there is none in the bay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitc69 View Post
    well I've always been a lite spearfisher with handheld oxygen tanks, but in the past 6mth around Morton bay.... is it clear to say there is none in the bay?
    I am not sure what a lite spearfisher is. Also using o2 to dive is very dangerous and expensive.Airnis a whole lot better. To spear on any sort of Scuba device is illegal in QLD.
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    Re: Lobsters...

    I was kind of wondering about being legal, but couldn't be bothered looking up the QLD laws to comment.

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    Re: Lobsters...

    Definitely not legal in Queensland. Most of the reef in the bay is not the right sort to hold crays. They seem to prefer hard rock. I have seen them when diving outside Moreton but only ever very small ones inside the bay.
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    There are definitely legal ones in the bay, but as has been said, don't use any form of scuba or you'll cop a big fine.


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    yes to scuba spearfish is illegal qld, however carrying spare air isn't, has it is just a placement for an emergency, otherwise good luck proving it as an intent to use without a doubt, I consider lite 1-5m, compare to afew hardcore spearfisher on the team who drop hard 10m+

    it was just a curious question, alway enjoyed the view when they all come in a pack like at rocky island, thought we get a view like that here in morten bay too, guess not

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    Re: Lobsters...

    Kind of think you are wrong with your thinking that a fisheries officer might not be able to prove you were not using "air" to catch Lobsters when you have a few in your bag, leaving the water with your "emergency" different to having a couple of dozen crab traps in your boat, but telling them you don't intend using them all, or having more then your bag limit, and telling them you're just about to toss some back.

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    Re: Lobsters...

    some lite reading from

    Tropical rock lobster fishing apparatus

    In tidal waters, when fishing for tropical rock lobster, recreational fishers are permitted to free-dive using a mask and snorkel, and a rubber-powered hand spear or spear gun.
    The use of underwater breathing apparatus other than a snorkel is not permitted, whether by spear, spear gun, hand or any other means.

    Tropical rock lobster (tropical spiny rock lobster)

    A closed season applies to all species of tropical rocklobster (family Panuliridae) from midnight 1 October to midnight 31 December in Queensland tidal waters:

    1. north of latitude 14 S, south of Cape York and east of longitude 14231'49" E
    2. in the Gulf of Carpentaria, shoreward of the 25 n mile line and south of latitude 1048' S.

    Note: A size limit (11.5 cm tail minimum, 9 cm carapace minimum) applies to painted crayfish (Panulirus ornatus).
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    Re: Lobsters...

    welcome to gray section of the law, aren't we glad we got bucketload of lawyers for that kind of IF talk, it no better then you killing a theft in your home at night or shooting someone that wielding a gun or a fake... and sadly a fine is a fine and is usually isn't neg at the time but it not payable unless u both agreed to the charges, sometimes I think you guys think everything is black and white and prosecutors and lawyers are just for show.... and then there the concept of how you spearfish too, there are many methods such as buddy system or common know has a spotter or scouting.

    otherwise, this isn't meant for to be directed at anyone, I do thanks the gesture of warning from all the above, after all, we all do what we can. to try to give the best exp and tip to help others

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    Re: Lobsters...

    You do what you like, no one is trying to tell you how you catch your Lobsters, BUT, if/when you get caught, and can't talk your way out of it, please don't post here about how the fisheries guys are mongrels and picking on's pretty simple in a lot of ways, we have laws, some we don't like, and most people abide by those laws, plenty don't, and lots get caught doing the wrong thing.

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    Re: Lobsters...

    I like the fisheries, in fact we need more of them, but sadly there just isnt enough recruits applying in that field and the pay grade isn't worth the trouble as far I've been told, water police / fisheries qld lack them the most in the state, but maybe this year might be different

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