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    Urangan Boat Ramp


    I have a weeks holiday at Hervey Bay at the start of February and I am after some info on the ramp situation at Urangan as I will be fishing solo most days and do not drive the boat on and off. How is this ramp situated for solo launch and retrieve? My boat is a 4.7m fibreglass side console.

    Also any info on what species to expect at that time of year would be helpful.

    Cheers and best wishes for the new year coming.

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    Re: Urangan Boat Ramp

    There are two public ramps at Urangan, it might be best to launch at the first ramp as there is a shallow section of pebble beach on the edge of the right hand side just inside of the floating pontoon that you can leave your boat on dependent on the tide.I always use it when I launch by myself and go and park the boat/trailer. View it on Google Earth. There is also a new ramp at Burrum Heads. You can find some general marks on a local site. On the artificials you can always catch parrot if you have some nice fresh crabs (catch at Point Vernon rocks). The NU2 hold school mackeral or a run up past Coongul will get you into some tuna, or golden trevallys. There are some new artificials off Moon Point or Moon Ledge is always worth a drift. Call me if you need anything pm sent.

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    Re: Urangan Boat Ramp

    Thanks Rainbowrascal

    I will give it a go, suppose I can always tie up to the pontoon and get my trailer only one way to find out. I have already had a quick look at the fishntales website and have a general idea, just need to do a bit of exploring. Do you live in the area? If so can you give me an idea of weather at that time of year?

    Cheers for the info.

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    Re: Urangan Boat Ramp

    At Urangan its fairly protected and even up on the inside of Fraser, it gets rougher out the wider u go if the wind is blowing. You can always launch early and be back by 10/11 am if the wind picks up.Normally quite windy this time of year but should ease by the time you get here.I am local but prefer to fish out from Burrum especially with the new ramp and a few more options that way out at the 25 fathom and gutters.

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    Re: Urangan Boat Ramp

    Thanks again Rainbow rascal. The weather sounds much the same as it does down here in Brisbane. If I get stuck for places may give you a call when I am up there.

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