Hi guys,

The Wife and I are off to Aitutaki and Raratonga for a romantic anniversary trip for (with fishing included 9 days in April 2017 and I am trying to gear up so needing advice.

I am hoping to do some land based stuff as well as head out on a charter or 2 whilst there.

Not desperate to chase the Bones though if you can nail them on spin gear and placcies I'm keen. Not keen on the price tag of the bone trips so mainly looking at the offshore charters which are half the price.

Spending 5 days on Aitutaki and then the remainder on Raratonga.

Goals for the trip include a Marlin, Wahoo or Yellowfin on a charter and would love to nail some decent GT's land based. I may have the use of a resort Kayak so this could help me get out to some decent spots.

Needing advice on gear to take. Places to fish land based. Tips of what to use re plastics and stickballs/poppers etc.